What Aerating Your Lawn Entails

lawn care aeration

It does not matter what area you are in, your lawn will always require TLC, otherwise known as tender love and care. If you are blessed to be in a region where precipitation rates favor the maintenance of your lawn, count your blessings for now. It could very well happen that your region’s climate could enter a dry spell. That is no paradigmatic disaster. It is quite natural, in fact. Even if your lawn sparkles green, it will still benefit from a seedy process of lawn care aeration.

Those of you living in areas that are typically dry need not despair. Your lawn is dry now, but once it has received a good dose of necessary lawn care aeration, new shoots below the lawn’s surface will sprout and within weeks, you will be seeing evidence of a healthy lawn once more. Undergoing this horticultural or nursery process for the first time may require professional help. At least with qualified and experienced landscaping technicians around, you can only watch and learn.

Yes, you will watch how your lawn transforms from dry yellow to grassy green. But do what you can to watch how they aerate your lawn. Because this is something you could learn to do by yourself if you are only managing a small garden plot. No chemical fertilizers are being used and the process undergone is entirely natural and organic. What happens is that the lawn’s roots (they never entirely die, they just need to be re-invigorated) and its surrounding soil are sufficiently loosened up.

This loosening process opens up natural vents through which the roots can breathe again. And this you may find hard to believe. Through aeration, it is necessary to expose your lawn’s roots to the sun’s UV rays.